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17 Sep 2018

Back to Uni

Is all about making good impressions and what’s more important than having #slaying hair? These easy breezy looks will make you feel fabulous this autumn.

Freshers week is approaching and you’re already thinking about what to wear and how you’re going to style your hair, but you also want it looking presentable for your lectures. The key here is PREP and working with what you’ve got to go from day to night.

Middle Party Pony

This style is. Start by creating a centre parting and use a Shine Angel in XS (£13.95) to smooth the front and sides towards the nape of your neck. The boar bristles in the brush will help knock out any static hairs and give you a sleek and shiny finish.

Before tying your hair into place (use a hair tie that matches your hair colour) smooth the sides with product like Richard Ward Chelsea London Keratin Smoothing Mist (£5.99). It’s ultra-light, conditioning and will create dazzling mirror like shine.

Finish by tying your hair in place – you’re ready to go out and flaunt your new look!

Braids to Waves

Creating waves with a curling tong can be time consuming and that’s something you want to eliminate in your first few weeks of university as they tend to be your busiest. Follow our four simple steps to give you the ‘Super woman’ of all hair styles for the day and sexy wavy hair for a night of partying.

Start by combing out your tangles using a Tangle Angel Pro (£19.50). Divide your hair into two sections right down the centre of your head. Give your hair some texture with a sprinkle of L’Oreal Professionnel Super Dust to give your hair more grip.

Take a piece of hair around 3-4 inches from just above your forehead and divide this into 3 equal sections. Create a standard 3 strand plait, weaving left over middle, right over middle. From this point all you need to do is take up more hair from the surrounding area as you go along.

Once you’ve got to the top of your neck, finish up with a simple plait until you reach the ends of your hair. Secure it with a hair tie and repeat on the other side.

Keeping this style in all day will help create a wave in your hair. At the end of the day, take out your braids and comb through with your fingers to break it up. Apply 1-2 pumps of serum like Richard Ward Chelsea London Argan Elixir (£5.99) through mid-lengths and ends to tame fly-aways and de-frizz.