Bank Holiday Style

Update your hair look this bank holiday weekend!

Whether you’re being whisked away to the countryside, going on a city break with the girls or partying all weekend, Tangle Angel have got your hairstyles covered.

City Break Blow Dry – A Blow Dry is all about bounce, shine, and lots of volume and movement through the ends. Products are important but having hair that’s in good condition thanks to regular trims, as well as a decent hairdryer with a nozzle and real bristle round brush are essential for it to look fabulous. Here’s how to get the look:

• Apply a golf-ball size amount of volumising mousse to damp hair and brush through for even distribution.
• Rough dry hair in a controlled way, lifting and heating roots with your fingers – don’t shake the hairdryer about.
• Use a medium-size round bristle brush to blow dry the hair smooth, then section and roll up into large heated rollers.
• Allow the hair to cool for about 15 minutes and remove the rollers, raking through with fingers to break the curls up.
• To finish, mist a lightweight hairspray over the hair for invisible, flexible hold.

Top tips:
• A quick rinse with cold water after conditioning can make a big difference – it helps seal the hair cuticle shut for extra glossy, shiny locks.
• Point the nozzle down when drying to concentrate the airflow and flatten the hair cuticle, helping to smooth the hair and reduce frizz.
• Use the ‘cool shot’ button on your hairdryer when dry to help set the style in place, ensuring a longer-lasting blow dry.

Product recommendations:
• L’Oreal Professionnel Tecni Art Full Volume Extra Mousse, £11.50
• Medium Round Boar Bristle Brush (shine angel)
• The Chelsea Collection Argan Hairspray, £5.99


Country Casual Chignon – The un-structured up-do is a fabulously modern take on traditional red-carpet glamour – think sophisticated and glamorous! Hair is tousled and natural, randomly (but expertly) placed and pinned to look fresh and groomed without trying too hard.
Here’s how to get the look:

• Take a section from crown to nape and twist into a low-slung chignon (where it sits will depend on the length of the bottom layer). Secure.
• Scrunch front, sides and crown and texture into place with hair clay which will enhance your hair’s sculpting capabilities.
• Tuck behind ears then loosen some tendrils each side and sculpt into place.

Top tip:
Best on day-old hair (not freshly washed).

Product recommendations:
L’Oreal Professionnel Techni Art A-Head Clay £12.60

Credit: Ong Oaj Pairam LFW AW16

Party Perfection Ponytail – Ponytails are easy and versatile styles yet can have a dramatic impact. Whether worn sleek and low at the nape or tight and high on top of the head, they can be tailored to any occasion – and will always look like you’ve made an effort.

Pony Tail Top tips:
• Add instant glamour to a ponytail by wrapping a strand of hair around the elastic and securing it with a pin. It’s quick and easy but pulls the whole look together.
• Emphasise your eyes and cheekbones with a high ponytail at the top of the head.
• Use bobby pins to stop your ponytail from sagging down. Secure them to the elastic, underneath the hair, to keep your hairstyle perky and upright.
• To avoid those annoying bumps and lumps, blow dry and brush your hair in the direction of where your ponytail will sit. This helps your hair sit smoothly scalp and removes any knots or tangles which could create an uneven shape.
• Once you have created your ponytail, mist your fingers with hairspray and gently smooth over your hair to get rid of pesky fly aways and frizz.
• Add interest to a simple ponytail with a pretty accessory, like a headband or delicate clip.

Product recommendations:
• L’Oreal Elnett Hairspray, £6.70
• Tangle Angel Pro, £18.95